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Our Recruitment Process

How it works

Our process varies between the different roles we recruit for.

For most core Operations roles, our process starts with a Role Brief call to discuss the vacancy and your suitability. Following this, a Telephone Interview may be set up. We may also include a Role Play scenario over the phone with a member of our team. If success at this point, you will be invited in for a competency-based Formal Interview.

For most core Support roles, you can expect to have a Telephone Interview, followed by a single or two-stage competency-based Formal Interview. This may also include a written test, task or presentation element.

If you would like to discuss adjustments you may need during the application process or have any questions about our recruitment process, please contact our recruitment team on 0333 240 8490 or via email.


Expected timescales


We aim to have made an offer to the successful candidate within 30 days from the point of the vacancy being advertised.

Generally offers and feedback happen within a 48 hours following an interviews. However, this can vary if we have interviews across a number of dates.


Once an offer has been made and accepted, we then initiate a screening process via an online X-Checker system. The checks consist of a basic Criminal Records check, and full 5 year activity referencing.

All of our new starters are required to clear the checks before commencing employment.

The overall process can take up to 4 weeks from the date of offer.


How long does the recruitment process take?

For most roles, it is usually four weeks to the point of offer then four weeks to complete screening and background checks

What is the average number of people to be interviewed for a role?


If I’m unsuccessful, is there a time limit before I can reapply?

Six months

Will I have an induction?

Every new employee goes through a comprehensive induction process. The length of this depends on the role you are starting, but it usually lasts for around a week. There is the opportunity to find out more about our company, meet other employees, get up to speed on our policies and processes with our e-learning, find out more about our company benefits and shadow existing members of our teams.

What are your progression opportunities?

We are passionate about the development of our employees and reward performance and potential with opportunities for both personal and professional growth. You can find out more here

Is there any flexibility is start/finish times?

We operate a flexitime policy that allows employees to manage their own time. It requires most employees to be in during our key working hours – 9am to 4.30pm. Additionally flexibility is dependent on the specific office and role.

Hints & Tips


CV Writing:

  • Try to keep your CV succinct. Aim for two sides of A4 paper.
  • Focus on your achievements in your roles, don’t just make it a list of your responsibilities.
  • Include facts and figures where possible.
  • Look at the key requirements for the role and highlight how you match them.
  • Order it chronologically, with your most recent role at the top of the list.
  • Include dates for each period of employment.
  • If there are gaps in employment, don’t worry that’s fine. Put in a short explanation

Role Play:

  • Read your briefing pack thoroughly.
  • Ask your recruiter if you have any questions.
  • Make a list of things you want to cover or ask.
  • Don’t make assumptions and treat it as a real life situation.
  • Don’t be frightened to ask what might be seen as difficult questions.
  • Take notes and have your briefing pack with you on the call.
  • Make sure you set aside enough time and use a place where you won’t be disturbed.

Competency Interviews:

  • Research the company be prepared to talk about why you want to work for us.
  • Use the job description to collect examples for your interview.
  • Talk about specific projects, pieces of work or situations from your career.
  • Focus on what you did, rather than what “we did.”
  • Make sure you ask any questions you have about the role, the company or the process.